11th Hour Solutions

Development Services

Anyone can do it. So why us? Development services are readily available, but not everything is developed equally.

Having your own in-house development team is expensive and unnecessary when all you want is the security in knowing that when you need it, development services are available. That is where we can help you. With 20 years experience across a wide variety of programming languages, frameworks and back-end systems, servers and databases, there’s little that we can’t help with.

Website Maintenance Service

From: $280/month

Just identifying if your site is down won't help if you’re not in a position to resolve it. Let us do that for you. While there are many instances where your hosting company are the only ones that can resolve the problem, for the other times you may need a developer on hand to sort out issues created from poor coding, out of date software, or even if your site gets hacked. Our service means we will actively engage with the issue once notified and talk to all stakeholders; if it is something we can resolve, we will, otherwise we will notify you and/or your hosting company about what needs to be resolved.

What’s more, if you’re a small business without its own I.T. department or access to the website’s original developers, maintaining content can be difficult. If you’re out there getting business, you may not have the time for website housekeeping.

Using this service ensures you have access to experienced developers a set number of hours per month, which you can use to resolve issues as they arise, update content, or any other development task we can help with. We also offer discounted hourly rates should any task go beyond your reserved hours. Finally, if you do not use your fixed hours, any unused hours will be rolled over into the next month free (conditions apply).


Flat Hourly Rate

From: $80/Hour (minimum 1 Hour)

Simple flat rate development or I.T. support services, charged as needed. Have a simple task? Let us know. Have a complex project? We're still good for that.

We've been around and know a thing or two

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