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You have a website now. But. Don’t miss out on users because they can’t use it.

Unless your business is your website, quite often a website will be created to get some sort of presence online, to get a contact number out there, or even to just have simple brochure type information available so that customers can know a bit about a business before engaging with them. But if not done right, or if the website is not maintained, having functional, performance, and information errors may be doing more harm than good.

Quality Report

From: $550/report

Our Quality Report check will go over your website and identify areas that may be impacting visitor usability; issues that may have arisen from the website being neglected as new technology passed it by, poor development creating bugs and user experience issues, slow page speed, or just obvious mistakes in spelling and grammar. Our detailed report will highlight where it could do better, what isn’t working, and what you can do to resolve it.

What’s more, while you don’t have to engage us to fix them, if you do, we have discounted rates available.


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