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Are you still there? Do you even know? Because if you don’t know you’re down, how can you resolve it?

Don’t let your customers be the ones to tell you that your website is no longer available. Our range of monitoring services will alert you when you’re no longer visible or if vital areas of your site are no longer working.

Uptime Monitoring

From: $22/month

Check the response of a single URL and be notified by email or SMS if it is not available. Once we confirm the error, we let you know with detailed information to help you resolve the issue. This service is perfect for small websites that just need to know their website still resolves. We have various upgrades you can choose from to better suit the level of importance you place on your website:

1: Check up to 5 URLS
Sometimes it’s not just your homepage you need to check. You can check up to five unique URLS under the same plan.

2: Increase check time
By default, we check your website every 30 minutes, but you can increase this by easily upgrading your plan.


Render Monitoring

From: $66/month

Sometimes it’s not enough to know if your web server responds to requests successfully. What gets displayed to your visitors is just as important. Our Render Monitor is the solution. In discussions with you, we can test up to 5 URLs and perform checks to ensure critical parts of your site have been rendered correctly. This can include your logo, your contact form, a banner; anything that you can see on your site that is vital to your business.

In addition, this service incorporates all the benefits you get from the standard Uptime Monitoring. Also, you can upgrade this service to increase the time between checks:

1: Increase check time
By default, we check your website every 30 minutes, but you can increase this by easily upgrading your plan.

Action Monitoring

From: $220/month

So your site is available, and elements are being rendered. But can users still perform actions? Are your enquiry forms still sending emails? Our Action Monitor can answer these questions. While also performing the basic Uptime and Render monitoring service, we can build a custom test script that will behave just like a user on your website and perform actions you deemed to be critical for your website’s operation. We can login, trigger buttons, load pages, submit forms, or even place orders in your cart.

Talk to us to learn more.


Security Patch and Version Monitor

From: $550/month

If your website uses one of a select number web based CMS (Content Management Systems) such as Wordpress or MODX, every now and again a new version will be released or a security patch made available. If you’re not comfortable with performing these updates yourself, we’re here to help. Our CMS Monitor service will notify us when a new update or patch is made available and we will perform these necessary updates for you, ensuring your website is up to date and secure.

As a part of this service, we also check to ensure the update will not conflict with any customisations your website many have, and flag any issues with you before performing the update. Feel secure in knowing that the uptime of your website is critical to us and we would not automatically perform actions if it endangers that.

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